Tuesday, October 6, 2015


So I just got back from vacation in China (where all Google stuff, including Blogger) is blocked, but we were just in time for the Fall Moon Festival.  One element of the moon festival is traditional mooncakes, which are generally made available by every sort of food purveyor.  Normal mooncakes aren't really very tasty, more of a traditional thing, but the ones made by modern, and especially western, companies are really my favorite.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Best Things Come in Coffins

Sometimes the best things put you in coffins
Today I'm going to talk about coffins.  Not real ones, but the ones that are clearly marketing devices aimed at me personally.  There's something about a nice coffin-shaped box that assures you that whatever's inside is serious business.  From the first time I popped open a coffin of Mr. Bones and halfheartedly tried to assemble the candy skeleton inside before giving in and consuming it, I knew coffins were really just Halloween's version of treasure chests.  Recently I have come into possession of some great coffin-borne goodies that do serious justice to that legacy.

Mr. Bones, gone but not forgotten


Well, I'm going to try this again.  I had a decent run at it last time and I got lazy and hated managing a whole Wordpress setup for just my personal blog, but now I'm gonna let google do that heavy lifting.  Maybe I will even revive some of my old articles.  For now, since Halloween is two months away and I want to make that last, I'm going to start with some SPOOKY articles.  Enjoy!