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Upgrade to MS-DOS 5.0 NOW!

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

You’ll want to after you see this video!

From here.

Robots sure love Maxell disks!

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

I’ve had these robots on the brain a lot recently, and for no good reason. It seems that during the 80s, aside from making tapes that blew us away, Maxell also specialized in making 5.25″ floppies that were apparently the robot equivalent of caviar.

Dinner is served.

Dinner is served.

Ah, to be back in the days when 360 kilobytes was a lot of data! I guess those robots aren’t very bright. At least they are cuter than that freakish she-bot from Small Wonder.

Live, damn you!

Live, damn you!

I remember these ads being all over the place, but maybe I was exposed to a lot more home computing magazines than most people. I can barely find any now (but a nice big version of this second pic can be found here). What happened to this campaign?